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Authors: Amjad, Salma
Keywords: Law of Nation.
Strategic Partnership.
US-India Relationship
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Higher Education Commission – Pakistan
Abstract: All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Research is a seminal work which cannot be accomplished without the help of various individuals and institutions. I owe my gratitude to all those people whose help, insightful suggestions, comments and continuous support helped me to complete this task. I gratefully acknowledge and pay sincere gratitude to the experts of Higher Education Commission who provided me support and an opportunity for contributing in academia. I would like to extend my genuine gratitude to the Chairperson of Pakistan Study Centre, Punjab University Lahore, Professor Dr. Massarrat Abid for her exceptional guidance and inspiring advice that enabled me to overcome the research obstacles. I am greatly obliged to my mentor, Dr. Ahmad Ejaz Assistant Professor at University of Punjab, Lahore for providing me an exceptional support and made valuable suggestions on my work. I express my sincere thanks to Sadia Mahmood Falki, Assistant Professor at LCWU, Lahore for her guidance and assistance during compiling this uphill task. I am very thankful to the staff of Library of Pakistan Study Centre, Main Library, University of the Punjab, Political Science Department Library of Lahore Collage for Women University Lahore, Quai-e-Azam library for their help and assistance in various ways. I appreciate the company and facilitations provided by my colleagues at Political Science/IR/Pakistan Studies Department Lahore College for Women University, Lahore and Virtual University of Pakistan. I am indebted to Dr. Aisha Shehzad for her useful tips and valuable comments on research methodology. I express my love and gratitude to my parents and parents-in law who always wish the best for me. I appreciate the efforts and patience of all my family members who have been very supportive and cooperative to carry on with my research work. I am greatly indebted to my niece, Sareena Asrar who has assisted me whenever I needed. Finally, I express my heartfelt gratitude to my husband Amjad Mahmood Falki and my daughter Sabeeka Fatima for helping me by every means in their fullest capacity. Salma Amjad
ISBN: 978-969-417-202-6
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