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Authors: Abdul Wadood, Wadood
Keywords: Titanium
Titanium Alloys
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Higher Education Commission – Pakistan
Abstract: Titanium is transition metal element in the Periodic Table and many researchers have spent their lives in developing titanium alloys and investigating the properties of titanium, titanium alloys and titanium oxides for the benefits of mankind. Titanium belongs to group IV of periodic table. Titanium has high strength to weight ratio, light-weight element, corrosion resistant and biocompatible material. Many International research groups are working on titanium and titanium alloys. However in Pakistan, there are very few researchers working on titanium. According to best of author’s knowledge, there is no book on titanium written by any Pakistani author/researcher. Author has great wish to write a book on ‘Titanium and Titanium Alloys’. However due to lack of resources and due to very few Pakistani publishers who are publishing technical books, author could not do this job. Now due to this excellent book writing scheme by HEC, author has completed this book. Author is thankful to HEC for this excellent book writing scheme for Pakistani researchers and faculty members. This book will be useful for undergraduate and graduate students especially of materials science and engineering and inorganic/solid state chemistry background students. This book will also be beneficial for researchers and teachers of materials science and engineering field. Titanium ores, different types of titanium alloys e.g. α, β, (α+β), stable β, metastable β and on the basis of heat-treatment (e.g. heat-treatable and non-heat-treatable) titanium alloys will be presented in this book. There are different aspects of titanium and titanium alloys: phase constitution and phase transformation of titanium and titanium alloys, extraction of titanium from titanium ores, processing of titanium and titanium alloys, characterization of titanium and titanium alloys, titanium based shape memory alloys and Intermetallics. Author tried to cover all these aspects of titanium and titanium alloys in this book. Titanium based inter-metallic e.g. TiNi, TiPt, TiPd etc. and titanium based shape memory alloys are presented in this book. Current research trends and processing of titanium and titanium alloys are also presented. Author believes that this book will be beneficial and available at low cost for Pakistani students, researchers and faculty members, particularly of materials science and engineering field. Author expresses special thanks to HEC for providing opportunity to write this book. Author is also thankful to Institute of Space Technology for support. Special thanks to Engr. Imran Rehman (VC IST) who always supports faculty for their teaching, research and publications. Author is also thankful to Prof. Dr. Iqbal Rasool (Dean IST). Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Qazi, Head of Department (HOD) who is always the source of technical and moral support throughout author’s stay in IST. Author is also thankful to all the faculty members of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Space Technology Islamabad, especially Prof. Dr. Wilayat Hussain, Prof. Dr. Tauqir Anjum, Prof. Dr. Sajid Ullah, Prof. Dr Ali Hussain, Dr. Saima Shabbir, Dr. Abdul Mateen, Dr. Sajid Butt, Dr. Saad Nauman, Dr. Abdul Basit, Dr. Yasir, Eng. Tauseef, Eng. Faisal, Eng. Abdul Moeez, Mr. Ayoub, Mr. Tasawar, Mr. Sikandar and Mr. Tahir. Author is also thankful to his graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) Eng. Luqman Hashmi and Eng. Tayyab Amin for their help in the editing of this book. Autor is thankful to Prof. Dr. Hideki Hosoda of TITECH Japan, author’s PhD supervisor who is always the source of support and inspiration throughout author’s stay in Japan and afterwards as well. Author is also thankful to Prof Dr. Tomonari Inamura of TITECH Japan and Prof. Dr. S. Miyazaki University of Tsukuba Japan for their moral and technical support. Author is thankful to Prof. Dr. Fida, Dr. Zameer and Dr. Imran of GIK Institute. Author is also thankful to Prof. Dr. Fazal A. Khalid, VC UET Lahore, Prof. Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed, Chairman Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering UET Lahore and Dr. Gul Hameed Awan of UET Lahore. xii Now it is the best time to acknowledge the moral support of author’s beloved mother Shakeela Begum, caring wife Nazneen Wadood and loving children Abdul Sami, Sidra Noor, Dania Wadood, Hassan Ali Danish and Shehzadi Sundas Madeena. Special thanks to brothers; Fazal Mehmood, Moen Ul Islam Amjad, sisters; Shagufta Mizaj, Amrat un Nisa, Fauzia Jabeen, Sheeba Khatoon, Gul Afshan and their families for moral support. If any reader would like to comment/discuss about this book for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact the author. Dr. Abdul Wadood (PhD)
ISBN: 978-969-417-205-7
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