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Title: Pakistan’s Deserts:
Other Titles: Land and Water Resources Development
Keywords: Pakistan's Deserts
Land and Water Resources Development
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Higher Education Commission – Pakistan
Abstract: Nature has blessed Pakistan with all types of topography and weathers including oceans, snow covered mountains, dry mountains, plain agricultural lands, oasis and deserts. Out of total 79.6 Mha geographical area of Pakistan, about 11 Mha comprises deserts. Like all ecological zones and terrains, life exists and thrives in these deserts. Water is a scarce commodity in these areas and is often at risk due to recurring droughts. Owning to their geographic location, every desert has unique natural features but challenges of water availability are common. In the absence of any canal water supply network, their sole dependence is on rainfall. The frequency and amount of rain defines the dimensions of drought spells in these deserts. The average annual rainfall is less than 250 mm. However, a small event of rainfall is capable of generating considerable runoff. Local communities harvest this runoff water using conventional approaches. This harvested water serves drinking water needs for both human and livestock. However, these traditional water harvesting techniques can harvest a limited amount of water that is not sufficient to meet human and livestock needs. As a consequence, the local communities have to migrate in search of water for themselves and for their livestock. During migration, a lot of casualties particularly of the infants occur. Survival of these communities is dependent largely upon livestock, limited agricultural activities and above all their indigenous knowledge and wisdom. These deserts have unique flora and fauna.“Pakistan's Deserts Land and Water Resources Development” as the name implies, provides an overview of deserts in Pakistan, resources of these deserts and the possible solutions to sustain life. It is an effort to refine and upgrade the indigenous knowledge with scientific methods. It is a composition to articulate sustainable solutions for resolving water crisis in deserts. It is expected that options identified for water conservation, land management and livelihood improvement will help the communities living in these fragile environments. The monograph is first of its kind in Pakistan as it includes all the four deserts of Pakistan. It is just breaking the ice on the subject of desertification control in Pakistan, which will equally benefit the academia, researchers, practitioners and the policy makers.
ISBN: 978-969-417-203-3
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