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Authors: Shah, Attaullah
Keywords: Engineering Economics
Project Financing
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Higher Education Commission – Pakistan
Abstract: The course of Engineering Economics is a basic Non Engineering part of the Curriculum for all Engineering Programs in Pakistan. The course covers various terms relating to basic knowledge regarding Economics, Project appraisals, project management, role of banks and financial institutions and optimization theory in the constrained environments. The author having diversified knowledge in the areas of Civil Engineering, Economics and Project Management has been teaching the courses for about a decade to different disciplines of Engineering. The existing recommended books of Engineering Economic and Project Finance are mainly based on the case studies from advanced nations. The proposed course of Engineering Economics for Engineers approved by Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council has been based to develop this with major focus on the global trends and local issues in the area. The objectives of the course of Engineering Economics as per the curriculum of Engineering Program 2012, are as follows - To introduce the fundamentals of engineering economics. - To enable students to perform economic analysis of different projects At the same time, the project analysis and project financing has also been included in the cited curriculum, hence the book covers the major concepts of the Engineering Economics and Project Financing. This book has been written with the following objectives in mind: - Provide a comprehensive book for Engineering students, to enable them to understand, the basic concepts of Engineering Economics, Project Management, Project financing, Project monitoring and evaluation, capital budgeting, decision making process etc. - To enable the students to understand various project approval bodies, their constitution and financial limits in Pakistan - To familiarize the students with the Engineering problems relating to economic decisions during selection and evaluation of the projects. - To understand various project preparation and executing, monitoring and controlling documents used in Pakistan including, PC-I, PC-II, PC-III and PC-IV etc. - To enable the Engineering students to understand various capital markets, capital generation process and role of Central Bank etc. It is expected that the book will provide a holistic approach for a highly diversified subject area of Engineering Economics and Project Financing to the Engineering Students, with special reference to Pakistan. The case studies used by the author will also help the students to develop better understanding about the real life problems in the subject areas after their graduation. The author would always encourage critical review of the book by experts and students for its improvement. I pray that the book provides better knowledge, for the students of Engineering to understand the basic concepts of Engineering Economics and project financing and apply these to the real life at later stage- Ameen. Atta Ullah Shah
ISBN: 978-969-417-201-9
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