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Title: An Introduction to Insect Behavior
Authors: Irfan ullah, Muhammad.
Keywords: Insects Behavior
Insects- Evaluation.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Higher Education Commission – Pakistan
Abstract: For any living organism, behavior is considered the most important property due to its role in biological adaptations. Behavior is principal aspect of organism for its interaction to surrounding environment. This book represents the basic understanding about insect behavior. Study of insect behavior is not only critical as a scientific field on its own, but this subject has also contributed to other disciplines with applications to the study of human behavior, to the neurosciences, to the environment and resource management, to the study of animal welfare and to the education of future generations of scientists. Human curiosity is more interested in studying insect behavior than neurons and neutrons. The amount of money and time spent on insect movies, films and nature books clearly depicts that people are more interested knowing more about insects. Research on insect behavior and behavioural ecology is growing in current years irrespective of fewer amounts of funds available for research in this field. Molecular and physiological features of biology and ecology are linked with insect behavior. This is important because environment and organisms are bonded through behavior in way similar to that of nervous system and ecosystem. Science Citation Index has ranked multiple journals of insect behavior in their impact like Animal Behavior and Behavior Ecology and Socio-biology and zoological journals. xi The key objective of this book is to prepare a brief draft to cater the needs of undergraduate and graduate students. Many of the topics are supported with case studies to easily understand the topic in debate. Many of the critical chapters are included in the introductory book like communication, Foraging behavior, reproductive behavior, behavior and environment, types and mechanism of behavior and so on. We are hopeful that the book on insect behavior will facilitate the further study in this field with new research. Topics include characterizing how animals find and defend their resources, how they avoid predators, how they find mates, how they mate, and how some exist in highly ordered social settings. The book is planned to supplement, and existing text books on the insect behavior. The writing of this book is very essential but could not be undertaken to date. It is the (HEC) which inspired the authors for this adventure. The authors encourage all constructive criticism, suggestions and ideas for improving the future version of the book. Dr. Muhammad Irfan Ullah Dr. Muhammad Afzal
ISBN: 978-969-417-204-0
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