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Title: Analysis of adults Perceptionrg a ding a wareness , Fitness & Trends of Physical Exerciseinour Society
Authors: Ayaz, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
Primary education
Secondry education
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Gomal University, D.I.Khan
Abstract: Topic: Analysis of adults Perception regarding awareness, Fitness & Trends of Physical Exercise in our Society Pages: 101 Researcher: Muhammad Ayaz Supervisor: Professor Dr Abdur Rehman Subject Area: Physical Education University: Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan) Year: 2009 Degree: Ph.D in Education Physical exercise activities are paramount to maintain fitness and avert risks of diseases, illnesses, fatigue and other body problems by regularizing body functions and sustain over all well being. Before going for an exercise plan, awareness of physical activities and their role in chalking out fitness are inevitable to follow certain trend. A study was designed to assess the level of awareness regarding different exercise activities among four groups vis-à-vis doctors, lawyers, teachers and businessmen at Dera Ismail Khan district of Pakistan. Systematic sampling technique was implied from a well constructed sampling frame to select a total of 50 respondents from each group totaling 200. A survey strategy was used to administer questionnaire using five point Likert scale from surveyed population by face to face interaction. Results regarding perceptions of the awareness of exercise activities revealed that all the four groups are equal in their awareness of various activities (Jogging, sports, walking, swimming, morning activities, heath club activities, maintenance of health and nervous system stability) except participation in re-creative activities. The groups were also aware of the benefits of exercise that can make human look best. The level of awareness was not determined by Body Mass Index (low or high) or age (young, medium ivand old) of the respondents. With reference to understand perceptions about the role of fitness resulting physical exercise, results showed that majority of the respondents are aware that physical fitness can improve health (shedding extra weight and lower blood pressure and risk of health diseases), improve working efficiency (withstand fatigue and increase work capacity) and improve overall wellness (smart look and well being) of individual. Perception of trends regarding physical exercise was divided into five categories namely health oriented trends, self appearance trends, light exercise trends, moderate to hard exercise trends and non exercise trends. There exists a mix of following a specific exercise trend among sampled community. Significant differences were observed among groups in respect of perceptions denoting “playing games to safeguard/ avert health problems”, “force to engage in physical exercise due to shape in figure”, “playing games that do not involve physical exertion”, “play games that involve lots of physical exertion” and “control over diet to maintain fitness”. The findings also discussed probable reasons for opting for non-exercise trends. The research concluded with the notion that perception of awareness, fitness and trend will be helpful in designing persuasive strategies based on salient perceptions of the surveyed population for better follow up of exercise activities suitable to needs. The research also advanced recommendation and proposes suggestions for further research.
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