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Keywords: Social Sciences
Political science
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This research is an attempt to study the relations between Pakistan and the United States in the context of alliances of modern age. The study primarily discussing the need of alliances in modern times and suggests that even though there is a shift in power balance in the international state system, the concept still prevails in international politics. The study assesses the conditions that obligated Pakistan to join Western alliances and argues that Pakistan joined the US sponsored Western alliances for acquiring economic and strategic aid, while the US wanted to shape a defense system of non-communist states. The study further emphasizes that after joining Western alliance system Pakistan’s relations with Muslim countries and Soviet Union deteriorated. The study further dives into the intricacies of Pakistan’s deteriorated relations with the US in 1960s and revived in post 1979 period. The US after realizing its objectives into the region left Pakistan alone with unresolved issues, in the wake of disintegration of Soviet Union. The study further elucidated that the event of 9/11 elevated the significance of Pakistan in the eyes of the United States once again. The findings in post 9/11 study reveal that this relation meant a lot to Pakistan while for the US is a marriage of convenience. Additionally, both the states are not on the same page regarding security issues as both views Middle East, India, issues of non-proliferation differently. Although the United States and Pakistan are allies, the US considered former Soviet Union more important during Cold War era than its ally Pakistan. And in the post 9/11 period is more focused on combating terrorism, while Pakistan since its inception till today is preoccupied with the perceived threats from India. The study argues that though the interests of Pakistan and the United States diverge, still the US cannot deny Pakistan’s significance for promoting regional security. This is one of the reasons why the US though tilted towards India does not want to lose Pakistan’s support in the region.
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