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Title: Robust Algorithm for Genome Sequence Short Read Error Correction using Hadoop-MapReduce
Authors: Tahir, Muhammad
Keywords: Computer science, information & general works
Computer science
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Iqra University Islamabad Campus
Abstract: Biological sequences consist of A C G and T in a DNA structure and contain vital information of living organisms. The development of computing technologies, especially NGS technologies have increased genomic data at a rapid rate. The increase in genomic data presents significant research challenges in bioinformatics, such as sequence alignment, short-reads error correction, phylogenetic inference, etc. Next-generation high-throughput sequencing technologies have opened new and thought-provoking research opportunities. In particular, Next-generation sequencers produce a massive amount of short-reads data in a single run. However, these large amounts of short-reads data produced are highly susceptible to errors, as compared to shotgun sequencing. Therefore, there is a peremptory demand to design fast and more accurate statistical and computational tools to analyze these data. This research presents a novel and robust algorithm called HaShRECA for genome sequence short reads error correction. The developed algorithm is based on a probabilistic model that analyzes the potential errors in reads and utilizes the Hadoop-MapReduce framework to speed up the computation processes. Experimental results show that HaShRECA is more accurate, as well as time and space efficient as compared to previous algorithms.
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