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Authors: Sultana, Naz
Keywords: Language
English & Old English
English writing system & phonology
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: This research study is centered on the role of media in the development and promotion of English in Pakistan. It relates to the national process and to the process of globalization in terms of information through T.V, radio and newspapers. It also deals with the challenges in this field, due to the advent of science and technology plus current innovations in this mode of communication. In recent years the media in Pakistan has developed at a fast pace and English has become one of its prominent languages. However, its lack of understanding by 90% of the population has created serious gaps in internal communication. To bridge the existing gap, the study looks at how media can be instrumental in the spread of English language and be a useful tool for improving the English language teaching situation. The study addresses the topic by taking a look at the language situation in Pakistan. Unlike many post colonial states which replaced English with indigenous languages, Pakistan retained English as an official language. However due to lack of a clear cut language policy towards English language teaching it has remained a controversial issue, badly affecting the process of education and development. This has impacted the language situation and its impact leads us to think and reinvent the role of media for teaching it. Given its premier position as the language of international commerce and science, proficiency in English is increasingly acknowledged as vital attribute for any state attempting to establish itself as knowledge based economy. This need is imperative as we are living in a global world. Globalization and issues related to it force us to have a futuristic vision. There is a need to equip our people to meet the demands of modern education. Therefore, we must introduce our students to it at an early stage and provide this opportunity to a large number of people as opposed to the privileged few. Electronic and print media by introducing English to the neglected sector of the society can play a unifying role to integrate the nation. It is in this back drop, the findings of the study are expected to suggest an essential direction of using media for instructional purposes, particularly to bring a constructive change in English language teaching in the country. A multi-method approach has been applied for the collection and analysis of the data. This has been done as triangulation yields more reliable results. This study has been concluded with the hope that media will look into this vital area and fulfill its responsibilities.
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