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Authors: Shahid, Muhammad
Keywords: Natural Sciences
Environmental sciences
Soil Studies
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Higher Education Commission Pakistan
Abstract: Our planet “Earth” is in danger and its morphology is getting worse and worse every day. Environmental contamination by heavy metals through natural processes and anthropogenic activities is a prevalent and severe dilemma of society, and it is getting significant attention by researchers and regulatory authorities around the globe. Although, the origins of heavy metals contamination date back to ancient times, the dilemma became more profound after the rise of the industrial empires. This industrial revolution owes to the impact of modern technologies and enhanced metal production. Numerous studies have validated this phenomenon that soil contamination by heavy metals results in the accumulation and uptake of these metals in crops that not only decrease crop growth and productivity but also affect animal and human health. This book is another valuable contribution to the scientific literature as it provides comprehensive knowledge regarding Biogeochemical Behaviour of Heavy Metals in soil-plant system. So, it is no less than a saviour because biogeochemical behaviour (bioavailability in soil, absorption, uptake and accumulation by plants, and toxicity and detoxification in plants) of heavy metals in soil-plant system is considered as a serious environmental concern and this book is providing a holistic knowledge about it. Seven chapters in this book present the data available regarding biogeochemical behaviour of six heavy metals, i.e., arsenic (As), mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni) and zinc (Zn) in soil-plant system in an easy and understandable manner. Heavy metals behaviour in soil-plant system (mobility, bioavailability, speciation, soil to plant transfer, toxicity and detoxification) differs greatly with respect to plants and metal type, and physico-chemical properties of soils. Six heavy metals selected to be discussed are the most toxic ones classified as human carcinogens according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry [ATSDR 2015a). In this book, I have summarised data regarding: (i) bioavailability of selected metals in soil, (ii) uptake of metals by plants, (iii) factors affecting metals bioavailability in soil and uptake by plants, (iv) heavy metals compartmentation in different plant organs, (v) toxic effect of metals on plants, and (vi) detoxification mechanisms adopted by plants against the toxic effects induced by these metals.
Description: Monograph
ISBN: 978-969-417-195-1
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