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dc.contributor.authorCHAUDHRY, AMTUL HAFEEZ-
dc.description.abstractThe topic of the study was “Developing a Model for Student Support Services at Allama Iqbal Open University”. The objectives of the study were to evaluate the existing facilities available in student support services at AIOU, review various models used in developing and developed countries and to develop student support services model for AIOU. The population of the study was the students, tutors, RDs, DRDs, ARDs, academicians, and policy makers of AIOU, UKOU and OUSL. The sample comprised of 200 students of AIOU, 200 of UKOU and 200 OUSL semester Spring 2003 of B.Ed programme. 50 tutors of AIOU, UKOU and OUSL, 20 RDs, DRDs, ARDs of AIOU, 20 OUSL and 20 RDs of UKOU, 10 policy makes of AIOU, UKOU and 10 OUSL, 50 academicians of AIOU, UKOU and OUSL. viiTo achieve the objectives of the study, five questionnaires were constructed for students, tutors, RDs/DRDs/ARDs, policy makers and academicians of AIOU and UKOU, consisting of four parts: (i) general services (ii) tutorial services (iii) counselling services and (iv) library services. All questions were designed at five point rating scale; however, one last question was open ended. The score on each item was analyzed by applying chi square, percentage and mean score formula to determine the objectives of the study. The major findings were, (i) Regional campuses of UKOU worked independently as mini university while AIOU regional centre/ campus worked under the main campus, (ii) UKOU students enjoyed the facility of Open University Student Association while AIOU did not form such an association, (iii) UKOU Regional Campuses provided number of better quality student support services than AIOU. On the basis of data analysis, it was found that in general AIOU, UKOU and OUSL cumulatively, resembled in their student support and they had attained great popularity by dint of their broadcast TV and radio programmes. Also, most of the students were highly satisfied with the media support services. However, AIOU exceeded in half of the categories of facilities in establishment and administration as regards enrollment in comparison to UKOU and OUSL. There was no significant difference in the performance of tutors, quality of face to face meetings, standard of resource centers and techniques of media support, but AIOU could not show high standards of counseling as compared to UKOU. Three universities could not achieve some of their claimed targets and needed improvement in order to maintain the viiiquality of their education through effective training of their personnel and evaluating the provisions presently made. The findings of the study have led the researcher to recommend that (i) regional campuses should be made independent like UKOU (ii) counselling and guidance cell should be established in every regional campus (iii) modern communication faculties like toll free phones or auto answer should be provided at AIOU regional campus (iv) Allama Iqbal Open University Student Association should be founded on the lines of Open University Student Association of UKOU. After analyzing and interpretation of data and document, the main conclusions were; UKOU, OUSL and AIOU provide a number of student support services through their regional campuses but UKOU regional campuses work independently like mini university. However, OUSL and AIOU regional campuses work under the main campus. For the contact facilities, OUSL and AIOU students rely only upon mail and telephone, while UKOU students enjoy a number of different facilities, for example, toll free phones and voice e-mail etc. The major recommendations of the study are that the AIOU regional centres should appoint tutors on merit and should intimate tutors in time. There may be arrangements for comprehensive training of tutors for the betterment of tutorial support system. It was also recommended that AIOU may be affiliated with all the public and institutional libraries in big districts for the facilitation of the students. The tutors may be trained effectively for solving the problems clientele as counselors more considerately and sympathetically. Assignments may be given specific and ixencouraging remarks to ensure the improvement on part of the students. Computer assisted learning programmes may be introduced on higher level courses and media support may be made interactive for getting opinions from students.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commission, Pakistanen_US
dc.publisherAllama Iqbal Open University, Islamabaden_US
dc.subjectSocial sciencesen_US
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