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Title: Fabric Manufacturing Calculations Process and Product
Keywords: Arts & recreation
Fabric Manufacturing Studies
Textile Arts
Textile Engineering
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Higher Education Commission Pakistan
Abstract: The textile fabrics have a wide range of application in areas like apparels, home textiles and technical textiles. The manufacture of a cost effective quality product requires the careful planning and thorough knowledge of the production process. This objective cannot be achieved without the know-how of the calculations involved in the fabric formation process. The latest developments and automation in the textile machinery has resulted in a more efficient production cycle. Unfortunately, the published work available on the topic of woven fabric calculations is quite out dated, while no significant work has been reported on the calculations of knitted fabrics. This book is organised into nine different chapters. Chapter 1 focuses on the systems for linear density of yarn, and their inter-conversion. Chapter 2 addresses the winding calculations. Chapter 3 and 4 are dedicated to warping and sizing calculations respectively. Chapter 5 is cloth calculations, while chapter 6 is weaving shed calculations. Chapter 7 highlights different theories and structural parameter of fabric geometry, while chapter 8 includes specialty calculations like terry towel, ball warping, filament warping and sample warping. The chapter 9 is dedicated to the knitting calculations, both warp and weft knitting. The whole range of steps and calculations involved in the fabric formation process from amount of raw material to the costing of final product have been included in the book. I hope, this book is equally beneficial for the beginners, textile engineering students and professionals of the field
Description: Monograph
ISBN: 978-969-417-193-7
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