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Title: Urban Open Spaces
Authors: Amin, Dr. Noor ul
Keywords: Horticultural Studies
Agricultural Studies
Floriculture Studies
Landscape Management
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Higher Education Commission Pakistan
Abstract: The book in hand, is a unique effort in a sense that in addition to standardising the concept, its roles and functions, it also contains a separate section devoted to the urban open spaces of Peshawar, Pakistan. History reveals that Peshawar, a capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, used to be a city of flower but now presents very bleak picture. The book particularly section one, concentrates on the concept of urban open spaces, while section two and three explored various roles and functions of urban open spaces. These two sections are crucial for students and researchers as they contain helpful information. The last two sections (four and five) particularly will be of great help to the management authorities, who are responsible for the maintenance of these spaces and provides useful information for those, who want to explore Peshawar and its parks and gardens.
Description: Monograph
ISBN: 978-969-417-188-3
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