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Authors: Ahmad, Iqbal
Keywords: Natural Sciences
Human psychology
Pharmacology & therapeutics
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Higher Education Commission Pakistan
Abstract: This monograph has been prepared to meet the requirements of M. Phil./Ph. D. courses in drug stability and related fields taught in the Faculties of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Pakistan. It covers a wide range of topics related to drug stability with chapters on general introduction and those concerning chemical kinetics, chemical stability, photostability, physical stability, solid-state stability, forced drug degradation, packaging effects on stability, stabilization, stability of herbal drugs and products, stability-indicating assay methods and regulatory aspects of stability testing. Each chapter provides a brief introduction to the topic, definitions of the terms used, theoretical background, relevant literature and discussion of the material. An understanding of various aspects of drug stability is essential for the development of different dosage forms. A prominent feature of each topic is the inclusion of current and previous research studies to apprise the students of the developments being made in the field to enable them to design their own research projects in a specific area of the subject. The monograph would be helpful to the teachers in providing a suitable background of various aspects of drug stability and to workers engaged in quality control, stability testing and drug development in pharmaceutical industries. This monograph on drug stability is the only one of its kind prepared on the subject for postgraduate students. The authors have made the best of efforts in the selection, compilation and presentation of the subject material. However, any inadvertent errors and omissions are regretted. The authors would be grateful for pointing out any errors or shortcomings in the text.
Description: Monograph
ISBN: 978-969-417-189-0
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