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Authors: Khan, Hanifullah
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Qurtuba University Peshawar (Pakistan)
Abstract: Islam has produced great scholars, philosophers and mystics, who were / are the custodians and promoters of the Islamic culture and its values in the world. The teachings of all these legends are capable of pulling our own and our succeeding generations from the inferiority complexes and put them on the path to God. Rahman Baba is one amongst them and the reason for my selection of the Mysticism of Rahman Baba and Its Educational Implications for my Ph. D research study is that I have studied this mystic poet of Pashto literature and can say that his poetry is an introduction to the fundamentals of human nature. He addresses to man irrespective of his origin. He makes an irresistible appeal to all, irrespective of their caste, colour and creed. His ideas are ever fresh and new and are a guiding light for seekers of the truth. Baba is a Mystic who leads life according to Islamic Shariah. To study him is helpful in understanding the aim of life and the true meanings of Islam. God made man superior to the entire creature but he does not know his true self and behaves like animals. Man should have tolerance in his self; should be kind and compassionate to others as this is the best way to get nearness to God. Man is naturally the lover of God. To love God means to obey His commands and serve the humanity without expecting any financial reward. Real richness is the richness of heart, which comes through the remembrance of God. Man is a humble slave of God and by stretching hand before the slaves; man becomes slave of the slaves, which is quite astonishing and Baba dislikes it. He is of the opinion that man should have the knowledge of his own self, his Creator, the universe that surrounds him and the aim for which he has been created. He advises the ulama (the scholars) to become practical because the scholar (A'alim) is not scholar until he is practical. Knowledge turned into practice opens the eyes of man and introduces him to God and man starts to obey His commands without any hesitation. Baba lays stress on the character building of the individuals in order to make them capable of facing the hardships that may come in his way while following the injunctions of God and His Prophet (S A W). The teachings of Rahman Baba can purify man's heart from the evils & can bring him closer to God and when man gets closer to God, he gets courage to fight against the evils both inside him and outside him i.e. in the society. There will be justice everywhere iv and this will bring peace in the surroundings and the society will become a truly human society. Baba addresses to men and wants them to be true human beings, something that is becoming a rarity in modern days. Baba's teachings are about all the aspects of human life and are based on "To enjoin Good and forbid Evil and eventually work for the establishment of a just socio - moral order in the world." He strongly advocates justice and considers it necessary for peace and unity. His courage and conviction and his humanity are exemplary. He is God fearing and knows the art of living on the earth as a true human being. In short, the researcher, after studying Rahman Baba, is of the opinion that the teachings of Baba can help us to build an exemplary society and if we apply his teachings in our education, we can prepare morally and religiously strong & well-rounded individuals, which is an urgent need of our society.
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