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Title: Activities Based on Low Cost Materials (Equipment, Glassware, Chemicals) in Teaching Chemistry at Secondary School Level in Pakistan
Authors: Khan, Iffat S.
Keywords: Social Sciences
Primary education
Secondry education
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: University of Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan
Abstract: Science education has remained one of the top priority issues of developing countries for the last few decades. In this age of science and technology, the developing countries face an increasing demand for scientific and technical manpower due to the increased awareness and emphasis on rapid industrialization as well as agricultural development on the national level. It Is now well recognized that science education has a direct and very significant influence on numerous activities in the daily life and environment of both rural and urban communities. It is in this context that the natural and physical sciences, study and use of environment and local resources has been recognized as one of the basic areas of school curriculum in many developing countries including Pakistan. Keeping in view the significance, study In hand is selected to design low cost activities based on low cost materials (equipment, glassware, chemicals) in teaching chemistry at secondary school level in Pakistan. The nature of the study is experimental. Two semi standardized academic achievement tests In the selected content areas of chemistry for IX (vli)class were prepared and administered to 9th class as pretest and posttest. Sample was selected randomly. Experimental and Control Groups were formulated from the sample. Experiments were conducted to experimental group with low cost materials and to control group with high cost materials. Data was collected through pretest and posttest, tabulated accordingly and statistical analysis was carried out. On the basis of the analysis, findings, conclusions are being quoted. Recommendations have also been suggested to popularize the use of low cost materials in science education at secondary school level.
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