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Title: Study of Researches Completed by the Social Scientists of Peshawar University
Authors: ALI, ZAKIA
Keywords: Social Sciences
Primary education
Secondry education
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: University of Peshawar
Abstract: The present study aimed at collecting information about the research work done at Ph.D and M.Phil level in the disciplines of Social Sciences in Peshawar University. For this purpose a sample consisting of all the Social Scientists who have completed their research during 1970-98 from Peshawar University was selected. The instrument used consisted of a questionnaire and a proforma asking details of research work as well as problems and issues faced by the research scholars was administered. The data showed that in some departments sufficient research work has been carried out continuously in three decades (1970-98) at both levels. Few departments have not shown continuous as well as sufficient research work. The Social Scientists of Peshawar University faced many problems during their research. They were not provided with proper financial support, library, laboratory and conveyance facilities, secretarial assistance, typing and computer services. Recommendations have been made to compensate them in the future for research work.
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