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Authors: Akram, Muhammad
Keywords: Natural Sciences
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: GC University Lahore, Pakistan
Abstract: I n this thesis we introduce a new class of logical algebras: K-algebras on a group G with identity element e by adjoining the induced binary operations on a group G, if G is not an elementary abelian 2-group. A K-algebra is non-commutative and non-associative with right identity element e. We characterize K-algebras by using their left and right mappings. Homomor- phism of K-algebras is studied. Isomorphism theorems are given. We intro- duce the notion of fuzzy K-ideals of K-algebras and give connection between fuzzy ideals and fuzzy K-ideals of K-algebras. Fuzzy isomorphism theorems are given. We discuss a new kind of fuzzy ideal of a K-algebra called, an (∈, ∈ ∨q)- fuzzy ideal. We introduce the notion of interval-valued fuzzy ideals of K-algebras and investigate some of their properties. Using interval-valued fuzzy ideals, characterizations of Noetherian K-algebras are established. A new generalized fuzzy K-subalgebra is introduced. We introduce the notion of bifuzzy ideals of K-algebras and investigate some interesting properties. We also introduce the notion of bifuzzy topological K-algebras and investi- gate some of their properties.
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