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Keywords: Social sciences
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Technical education is a sub sector of our educational system, which starts after secondary level. The objective of technical education is to prepare the youth to be technically competent in a broad range of occupations and to produce trained manpower commensurate with the needs of the industry, to improve its quality to enhance the employment chances of graduates by moving from a static, supply-based system to a demand driven one. All this depends on the polytechnic teachers if they are competent, knowledgeable and satisfied in their profession. This study examined the various factors affecting the performance of polytechnic teachers and their continuation in teaching profession in Pakistan. This study was descriptive in nature and survey format used to gather information. The objectives of this study were to (a)identify the factors which affect the performance of the polytechnic teachers as perceived by principals, teachers and students.(b)determine the relationship among the factors (perceived intrinsic and extrinsic factors) and performance.(c)get opinion of teachers about the factors which cause to leave or continue teaching profession.(d)determine the relationship between performance of polytechnic teachers and their continuation in teaching profession.(e)find out the difference in the performance and continuation of male and female polytechnic teachers in teaching profession. There were 125 colleges of technology; polytechnic and monotechnic institutes functioning in the country. The population of this study consists of the technology teachers working in these institutions. Six male (6x111=666 male teachers), ten female (10x14=140) teachers from each institution, 10 students from each institution (10×125=1250 students) and 125 principals were included in the sample of this study. In order to measure the variables the research instruments (questionnaires) for principals, teachers and students were developed.. Data were collected through questionnaires and collected data were tabulated, analyzed and interpreted by using SPSS by applying chi square, percentages, correlation and t-test in the light of objectives of the study. xvFindings revealed that factors like working conditions, equipment, policies, curriculum, examinations, remuneration, service rules, insufficient funds, facilities, student teacher ratio, fringe benefits, place of posting affect performance of polytechnic teachers. Majority of polytechnic teachers felt that teaching is low paid profession and opportunities for promotion were inadequate. The teachers were also dissatisfied with the social status of teachers in the country and these factors cause the teachers to leave this profession. This study also found that teacher performance was significantly correlated with fringe benefit, staff work load, staff development, management, course content and examination. The performance of teacher was also significantly correlated with teacher continuation in teaching profession. The study also indicated that female teachers performed significantly better than their counterparts. Both male and female teachers had same opinion about their continuation in teaching profession but female teachers mean score was slightly higher than their counterparts
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