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Title: Bilal
Authors: Bilal, Mohammad
Keywords: Social sciences
School and their activities; special education
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: to find out the association between terrorism and different factors affecting learning behavior of secondary school students. . It was found agreed by the respondents that terrorism causes fear among students, affects the learning process, terrorist mostly kidnap the school students and use them as suicide bomber after brainwashing. Military operations in the tribal areas and drone attacks created hatred against America and Pakistani military forces because of the perception to be an allied force which ultimately increased terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Parents remain worried till returning of their children from school and don’t allow them to take part in any co-curricular activity. Media is not performing its due positive role. It was concluded from the study that fear was created among students due to terrorism. Behavior related problems, shortage of attendance, drop out and intolerance increased. Social injustice, religious extremism, false interpretation of Islamic ideas, Interference of foreign intelligence agencies in our country, our weak security network, curriculum in the most deeni madaras, Post Afghan-Russian war groups, Military operations in the tribal areas and drone attacks were the main causes of terrorism. The study suggested that literacy and effective performance of schools, teachers, religious leaders, media, intelligence agencies, foreign ministry, and curriculum wing can eradicate or reduce the terrorism.
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