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Title: Trends and Dimensions of Psychology as a Dicipline in Pakistan: A Historical Analysis
Authors: Shahzad, Muhammad Nawaz
Keywords: Social Sciences
Pakistan Studies
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: International Islamic University, Islamabad
Abstract: The current dissertation had elaborated the trends and dimensions of psychology in Pakistan with a historical perspective. The study extravagated the historical developments in the world focused with Pakistani perspective. The dissertation also presented the ancient psychological concepts in the world, Muslim contribution for the establishment of cerebral studies, role of school of thoughts; post modernized era and evolution of modern experimental psychological studies. The study analyzed the situation about contribution of Pakistani psychologists after independence. The situation had also been analyzed in the country after mutilation of the country in early days of eighth decade of 20th century. The different dimensions of psychology such as learning standpoint, social psychology, clinical emergence, Muslim approach of cerebral studies had also been elaborated. The role of various psychologists had also been elaborated in the development of psychological world. The dissertation was intended to demonstrate the happenings about psychology in previous times that will become source to enhance the interest in discipline of psychology in Pakistan. Current study also had an objective to clarify the motives behind the historical importance of psychology for students. The study also aimed to enhance the understandings about evolution psychology as discipline and research approaches. The study was done with the qualitative content analysis of the official data and previous studies. The outcomes of the study presented a view that the start of the psychology in Pakistan was not in much distinguished manner but it had been developed with the passage of time and present age is not much far from Western world, same time the future perspective of the psychology in the country seemed to be much prosperous.
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