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Title: "Effects of Differentiated Instruction on Motivation and Academic Achievement of Diverse Learners at Secondary Level in Punjab"
Authors: Nisa, Asif-Un-
Keywords: Social Sciences
Teacher Education
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
Abstract: All teachers realize that their students are different in many ways. There is not a single classroom where all students are identical and learn the same way. Differentiated instruction addresses diversity among learners. The present study determines the effects of differentiated instruction on motivation and academic achievement of diverse learners at secondary level. It identifies the diversity among secondary school students in terms of socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities & learning styles. It also measures the level of motivation of diverse learners before and after applying differentiated instruction, to rank strategies of differentiated instruction according to the perceptions of students. The population of the study was comprised of all students of Government Girls High Schools of the Rawalpindi District. One school was conveniently selected for experimental study out of 175 Government Girls High Schools. Secondary level, class IX of the conveniently selected school was sample of the study. All students of this class were the subjects of the study. Random assignment of the subjects was done into two heterogeneous groups: control and experimental, both having equal number of students. For data collection, two instruments “The Learning Style Inventory” and Academic Motivation Scale (AMS), were adapted by the researcher. A researcher-made test, the English achievement test (EAT), was administered as a pre and post-academic achievement test. The study was experimental in nature and followed a two group experimental design. The Control group was taught by the conventional teaching method and differentiated instruction was applied to the experimental group for 6 weeks. Differentiated instruction was applied according to students’ Readiness, interest, and Learning style for 2 weeks each. A Pre-test for motivation and achievement was conducted before applying intervention and a post-test was conducted for both the variables after experimentation. A survey was directed towards the students of the Experimental group only to know the perceptions of students regarding differentiation strategies. The data were organized and interpreted. Then data were analyzed by means, standard deviation, ANOVA, and t-test. Post-intervention data revealed active involvement and participation of the students in classroom activities which increased their overall motivation and academic achievement. Differentiation by learning style and interest were ranked high by the students in the experimental group. On the basis of findings of the study, it was recommended that teacher be trained and encouraged to apply differentiated instruction at secondary level because it enhances motivation and improves academic scores of diverse learners.
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