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Title: A Study of the Effect of Autonomous Learning on University Students' Academic Motivation
Authors: Manzoor, Asad Ali
Keywords: Social Sciences
KEYWORD: Autonomous Learning; Academic Motivation; Teacher Directed Learning; Academic Achievement; Pre-requisites for implementing AL
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University of the Punjab, Lahore
Abstract: The basic aim of this research study is to investigate the effect of autonomous learning on university students‘ academic motivation at University of the Punjab, through a quasi-experimental design. Partially the research study also explored the problems university teachers may face while implementing autonomous learning in their classrooms. In this regard, the researcher conducted the interviews of 10 university teachers associated with teacher education. The quasi-experimental part of this research study was based on two groups of students; the experimental and the control group studying in the second year of master degree program at Institute of Education & Research. The experiment included a single intervention in the form of teaching techniques based on autonomous learning. In comparison, control group of the research study was taught through the traditional teacher directed learning method. Pretest and post-test from both the control and experimental group were conducted to check the level of students‘ academic motivation. In this regard, Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) was adapted for the data collection purpose of this research study. Reliability and validity of the instrument was ensured through piloting. Two intact groups/classes (comprising 60 students in total) of undergraduate students, who studied the course of research methodology, were selected by using purposive sampling technique. Researcher compared the academic achievement of both control and experimental group after the intervention. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze quantitative data. Qualitative data were analyzed through thematic analysis. The findings of research study showed that there was no significant effect of autonomous learning on students‘ academic motivation. However, students who taught through autonomous learning techniques has better achievement score than the students of control group. The qualitative data found that teachers were in support of implementing autonomous learning in their classrooms, the proper policy and curriculum upgradation may be the pre-requisite for this change. They suggested, that, autonomous learning techniques needs to be implemented from early grades.
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