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Title: Impact of Education Policies on Quality of Primary School's Performance Evidence from Pakistan
Authors: Alvi, Sadia
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Hamdard University, Karachi
Abstract: The relevant research project aimed to determine the impact of Pakistani educational policies on quality of primary education system in Pakistan. The research project intends to explore the rationale for critical failure factors that are responsible for detrimental quality of primary education system in Pakistan. The project is based on quantitative research methods for addressing the objectives of research paper. The independent variables of this study include Teacher Quality, Assessment Quality, and Textbook Quality, Matching with Labour, Learning Atmosphere Quality, & Curriculum Quality whereas the Dependent Variable for this research is Quality Education. The sample size of the research comprises of school teachers belongs to different provinces of Pakistan. The primary data has was processed and analysed by applying descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics test via hypothesis testing method that includes one-sample t-test, correlation and multiple regression test. The results of one sample t-test indorse that all variables have significant impact on education quality. The correlation results entails that only two variables are statistically significant that includes text book quality and matching with labour. On the other hand, the outcomes of multiple regressions revealed that only variable matching with labour has significant impact on quality of education. For future research, it is recommended that relevant research is mainly emphasized on Pakistan while future researcher can contrast Pakistani education system quality with other developing or developed states.
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