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Title: Talibanisation in Swat: Causes and Effects
Authors: Ali, Gohar
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Abstract: This research seeks to explain the causes of the Taliban takeover of Swat, the Talibanisation drives and its effects on Swat in the social, political and strategic context. The study analyses the process of Talibanisataion in Swat, while dealing with the TNSM struggle for Shariah laws in courts.The central hypothesis of the thesis is that the Taliban takeover of Swat and the Talibanisation drive initiated in the area under their control were mainly impacted by the Shariatization agenda of TNSM while keeping in view the Global War on Terror and the geo-strategic consideration of the state of Pakistan. The first part of the thesis investigate the exclusive incumbent legal regime which gave birth to TNSM and further looks into that how TNSM being a legitimate partner with the state after 9/11 inducted jihad culture in the region. The second part evaluates the inside and outside triggers which paved the way for the emergence of Taliban in Swat and explores their tools and methods which lead to polarisation of the society. The third and last part examines reasons for the deployment of armed forces in Swat, the long drawn military operations and associated Taibanisation drive while keeping in view the role of central and provincial government by signing various peace deals with the Taliban. At the end the study scrutinizes the reasons for the Taliban downfall, military takeover, their permanent settlement and its impacts on society.The Talibanisation drive in Swat though explicitly seemed the Shariatization impetus of TNSM but implicitly it looked an attempt to safeguard the strategic interests of the state of Pakistan in the likely tussle between super powers in the region.
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