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Title: A Study of Emotional Intelligence in Relation to Adjustment of Students at Secondary School Level in District Dera Ismail Khan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Authors: Gul, Maryam
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Qurtaba University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar
Abstract: Education is a unique quality of human being which makes him preferable to other creatures. The responsibility of educative process is to develop better socio emotional and intellectual development of students. Emotional regulation and social skills along with the students social and mental adjustment yield in development of balanced personalities. This study is about Emotional intelligence and students’ adjustment in their schools. The purpose of the study was to look into the relationship of emotional intelligence and students' school adjustment at the high school level in district Dera Ismail Khan. The main objectives of the study were a). To identify the level of emotional intelligence of secondary school students enrolled in high schools of District Dera Ismail Khan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan). (b.) To find out the level of school adjustment of secondary school students enrolled in high schools of District Dera Ismail Khan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan). (c) To identify the significant difference between male and female students, 9th and 10th class students, rural and urban students, science and art students enrolled in high school of District Dera Ismail Khan regarding their emotional intelligence and their school adjustment. The conceptual framework presented in chapter 3 shows the relationship of EI (Independent variable) with students’ school adjustment (Dependent Variable). The relationship of Different domains of EI with students’ school adjustment and different components of school adjustment with EI were shown in the figure 3.4. The demographic variables of locality, gender, subjected are also shown in the figure. The null hypothesis was tested as it was a quantitative study. These were Ho1: Emotional intelligence has no significant relationship with students' school adjustment at secondary level in district Dera Ismail Khan.Ho2: There is no significant difference between 9th and 10th class students' science and art students' urban and rural students enrolled in high schools of district Dera Ismail Khan regarding their emotional intelligence and school adjustment.Ho3:There is no significant relationship between emotional intelligence and adjustment of high school students. A stratified sampling technique was used for data collection from different strata. A sample of 400 was selected using Gay formula. Two self-developed questionnaires were used namely emotional intelligence questionnaire and student school adjustment questionnaire. For the reliability of these questionnaires, the Cronbach alpha technique was used. These questionnaires were personally handed over to twenty-five experts having a Ph.D. degree in social sciences. After their Page | vi feedback, necessary changes were made. For content validity, the updated questionnaires were personally handed over to 03 language experts. After the necessary corrections pilot study was conducted on 60 boys and 33 girls of 9th and 10th class secondary school students. The Cronbach alpha of emotional intelligence scale and school adjustment scale was 0.82 and 0.85 respectively. The questionnaires were distributed in 06 rural 08 urban schools already selected randomly. Among these schools, science and art students and rural and urban students were randomly selected. Further distribution of 9th and 10th-grade students and girls’ and boys’ students were carried on through stratified random technique. After the collection of data, it was analyzed through SPSS version 2010. A significant positive relationship was found between emotional intelligence and student school adjustment. No significant difference was found between male and female, urban and rural and science and art students. Relevant recommendations based on findings were stated. The Domains of emotional intelligence were correlated with students’ school adjustment and domains of students’ school adjustment were correlated with students’ emotional intelligence. The correlation coefficient was positive in both cases.
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