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Title: Metagenomic Detection of Lipase and Amylase Encoding Genes and Phylogenetic Diversity of Enzyme Producing Bacteria Isolated from Glaciers of Pakistan
Authors: Shaheen, Musrat
Keywords: Biological & Medical Sciences
enzyme, alkaline, thermophilic range, low temperature, industrial applications
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Abstract: Lipases are fat splitting enzymes. Psychrotrophic enzymes including lipases possess huge potential for many industries due to their high activity at low temperatures. Lipase produced by the psychrophilic bacteria HTB2 identified as Pseudomonas mandelii, by using different molecular techniques, isolated from Batura glacier, Hunza Valley, Pakistan, was partially purified through acetone precipitation and gel permeation chromatography. During purification studies two types of peaks were observed in spectrophotometric analysis which indicated the presence of two different sizes of lipases produced by Pseudomonas mandelii HTB2. The purified enzyme from P. mandelii HTB2 showed best activity at 45ºC, however, maximum lipase activity was attained at pH 10. It is a unique finding that an enzyme from a psychrophilic bacterium was active at thermophilic range and extreme alkaline condition. This is the first report of purification of lipase from psychrophilic bacteria from Batura glacier, and it holds promise for potential industrial applications.
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