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Title: Madiyat Ky Bharty Huwy Rujhanat o Athrat aur Un ka Tadaruk (Fikr e Islami ki Roshni main Tajziyati Mutala)
Authors: Rauf, Abdul
Keywords: Social Sciences
Religious Studies
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad
Abstract: Increasing effects of materialism are the cour reason of current human societies. Whole world is suffering by it. It is effecting human life from different angles. Day by day it changes its shapes and methods. People are agnorently suffering by it. So, it is need of the time to point out negative effects of materialism and to give its original solutions. This was the reason to choose this topic for my Ph.D thesis. This thesis comprises of five chapters, tables of contents and bibliography. The study includes introduction of the subject, its importance, fundamental questions, targets and objectives of the research, its hypothesis, literature review and research methodology. The subject matter is divided into five chapters and each chapter is futher divided into three sub-units. The first chapter is about historical development of materialism. Where Islamic concepts of material and its need of life are discussed. The difference between materialism and spiritualism is also elaborated. The second chapter is about tendencies, movements and modern forms of materialism. The study focusses on the ideas and tendencies which are the basic reasons of materialism and its modern forms. The third chapter is about effects of the materialism on religion and moral system and presents its solutions in the liht of Quran and Sunnah, by pointing out the key area in religion’s actuaries. The fourth chapter is about effects of materialism on social and economic systems and discusses the solutions. The fifth and the last chapter is about effects of materialism on educational and political system. The study tries to discuss the possible solutions. I hope that اِنشاء اللہ this effort will play a revolutionary role to create changes and awareness in the society.
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