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Title: Pak- Afghan Relations Dilemma: Post 9/11 Dimensions and Implications
Authors: Aziz, Tariq
Keywords: Political Science
Political Science
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Government College University, Faisalabad
Abstract: Pakistan and Afghanistan have cultivated the mistrust and uncertain conditions due to the 9/11 terrorism and its impacts on both countries. After the 9/11 Pakistan recognized the Hamid Karzai regime and expressed her great desire for good relations between both countries which have long common border and deep social, religious and cultural connection with each other. Uncertainty in the region after 9/11 increased the high concerns and threats to the regional peace and security as terrorists have safe heavens in the tribal areas of Pakistan and along the border areas of Afghanistan. American war against terrorism and special focus on Afghanistan has developed the new dimensions in Pak-Afghan relations. Both countries were in the condition of War due to the terrorist activities within both countries, as a reaction of American war on terror. Both countries can play a very vital role in developing regional peace and security instead of blame game. Healthy relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are the need of time. The study will focus on the importance of good and productive relations between the both countries for regional peace and prosperity and to combat the terrorism. This study will also be helpful for the policy makers to understand the vital role of Pak-Afghan relations with each other for the international peace. The cooperation and trust developing measures between both countries is the subject of the study for regional peace and prosperity. This study thus will highlight the main frictions caused by mistrust after post 9/11 and will present the recommendations to break the Prisoner„s Dilemma so that the Pak-Afghan relations would be constructed on cooperation and mutual trust.
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