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Title: Pak-Russia Relations in Evolving Regional Dynamics: An Analysis of Post-Cold War Era
Authors: Ahmad, Iftikhar
Keywords: Social Sciences
Political Science
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Gujrat, Gujrat.
Abstract: The study locates that in what way Pak-Russia bilateral relations have been influenced after the end of Cold War in December, 1991. Evolving dynamics of South Asian regional politics in the post-Cold War era have been traced to get a readymade analysis of socio-economic and politico-strategic renderings of the region. It is said that there are no permanent friends or foes in the realm of international relations, only interests are primary and supreme. Every nation state in the world adheres to this rule and Pakistan is not an exception. Given the roller coaster nature of Pak-US relations, the former‘s foreign policy orientation has always been remained buoyant with and peripheral to that of the latter. However, with the world shifting from uni-polarity to multi-polarity, Pakistan needs to modify its foreign policy orientation according to the changing international and regional circumstances. Russian Federation, as a successor to USSR, has managed to reassert its significance globally as well as regionally. It is also rethinking its policy towards South Asia. Therefore, being a strategically important country in this region, it becomes imperative for Pakistan to forget the Cold War baggage and look towards a different relationship with the regional power based on cooperation and mutual trust while maintaining stability in its bilateral relations with the US. This research aims at to surmise the bilateral relationships of Pakistan with both, the US and Russia, the recent emerging trends in these relationships, and what options does Pakistan have for balanced and stable relations with Russia and the US to achieve and secure its foreign policy objectives. This dissertation, concisely, encapsulates ambitious visions of the future of two past rivals who have finally turned the page of their complicated histories, and are confidently entering into a new era of unprecedented friendship. Accordingly, Pakistan-Russia Friendship expresses friendly pragmatism of both sides‘ contemporary relations and encourages their citizens to embrace it as well. Qualitative tools have been used in this research dissertation. This is a qualitative research in its essence. This study employs analytical and interpretative approach besides historical descriptive method. The study utilizes the important sources for data collection, primarily, secondary sources. Theories of Realism and Complex Interdependence have been put forth to constitute the foundation of the dissertation. Pak Russia partnership, in near future, will make possible the alignment of cordial relations between the two states. The study finds out that there should be agreements for more academic exchanges and possibly even visa-free travel so that interested individuals in both countries can have more opportunities to learn about one another. Potential for informational cooperation between publicly financed and private media outlets should be explored. Establishment of Friendship Centers in one another‘s countries in order to manage socioeconomic and cultural exchanges, promotion of economic ties on the micro, mediocre, and macro levels, and strengthening of military relationship are essential renderings of the (Page 2 of 180) research. It can be concluded that there is a consensus among the analysts and scholars around the globe that the relations between Islamabad and Moscow have been based, largely, on biased and unrealistic approach rather than a more objective and realistic line of action. The opportunities to build productive and amiable relations have been lost by both nations due to repeated and periodic incidents of misjudgment and failure to understand each other‘s standpoint on regional and strategic issues. Both nations have, once again, been provided with the chance to revive the bilateral ties owing to the current global and regional political scenario. There is tremendous amount of opportunities for both, Russia and Pakistan, in the field of security, trade, industry, energy and infrastructure.
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