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dc.contributor.authorHussain, Yusrat-
dc.description.abstractA comparative study of Dewey and Iqbal as Educationists is based on scientific approach of research which combines findings of different scientific researches and is recognized as Meta- analysis. The fundamental principle in Meta-analysis is to search for a shared truth which may be found in good number of conceptually similar scientific researches. People who can be considered as the follower of status quo were caught in surprise because Dewey and Iqbal wanted them to be innovative in their approach and to think creatively. It has given an impetus to innovative ideas and resultantly the quality of educations is going to improve tremendously. The interviews of Heads of Education Departments may be considered the most valuable inputs of scholarly personalities. Primary data were collected through most authentic and reliable resources. During literature review special attention was paid to the original work by Dewey and Iqbal, particularly which discussed technicalities of education. In order to carryout analysis of the analysis, good number of research thesis, on the subject submitted to different international universities for award of degrees, were exhaustively referred and made use of in this research work. Qualitative and quantitative data were treated and analyzed as per scientific methodology of research. Most of the results of analysis have been given in the form of tables and this statistical presentation has been illustrated in graphs and figures. It is surprisingly true that the real aims of education as explained by both these educational thinkers are much more similar than most of the other such great educationists Stratified sampling procedure has been followed, in order to select the sample of six Head of Education Departments and twelve faculty members (Two professors from each university). Similarly thirty M.Phil Education Scholars (Five scholars from each university) have also been included. The central theme of the study has been targeted through precise and accurate questionnaires. It was also concluded that Dewey and Iqbal maintain that if education is not about the process of socialization, it is useless. They also say that democratic values in education make learning more effective. After searching study it is recommended that need based aims, as important objectives, for different levels of learners may be worked outen_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commission Pakistanen_US
dc.publisherSarhad University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawaren_US
dc.subjectSocial Sciencesen_US
dc.titleA Comparative Study of Dewey and Iqbal as Educationistsen_US
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