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Title: Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom Instruction for Nurturing Prospective Teachers' Reflective Thinking Skills
Authors: Tufail, Mubeshera
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: Title: Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom Instruction for Nurturing Prospective Teachers' Reflective Thinking Skills The objectives of the research study were to assess the change in reflective thinking skills of prospective teacher as a result of studying through traditional/Flipped Classroom Instruction (FCI) and to examine the change in their academic performance after the intervention. The concurrent embedded strategy (QUAN+qual) of mixed-methods research design (Creswell, 2009) was employed. Prospective teachers of BS Ed. (Hons.) in a teacher education institution in Islamabad participated in this study. Previous academic record of prospective teachers was used to identify high, average and low achievers in the sample to be assigned to control and experiment group. Two teachers having equal academic qualification and almost equivalent teaching experience were involved in this study for teaching the experimental and the control group. The validity and reliability of research instruments was ensured. The study consisted of two phases. Reflective Thinking Skills Scale (RTSS) and academic achievement test were administered to experimental and control group before and after phase one and two. At the end of second phase, the perception of prospective teachers of experimental group was investigated through perception scale about Flipped Classroom Instruction (FCI) and the focus group discussion. The results of the study revealed that there was no statistically significant change in experimental group during first phase of the study, and a positive change in their reflective thinking skills and academic performance of prospective teachers during second phase of the study. The difference among academic achievement sub-groups in experimental group was statistically non-significant on ‘Reflective Thinking Skills Scale (RTSS)’ and ‘academic achievement test’. The data results for perception of prospective teachers of experimental group about Flipped Classroom Instruction (FCI) showed that they considered FCI as interesting and helpful for their subject comprehension and grooming of thinking skills. The research study recommended to provide professional training to teacher educators and prospective teachers for effective use of FCI in the classroom.
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