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Title: پاکستان کا جاگیرداری نظام اور اس میں اصلاحات (شرعی اور وضعی قوانین کی روشنی میں ایک تحقیقی مطالعہ)
Authors: Imran, Muhammad
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: HITEC University, Taxila
Abstract: If the current economic system is to be looked at, then there is an economic system of Capitalist and Socialist sharing in the world. If the idea of capitalist system is freedom, then the idea of communism is equality while these are important values but the basic idea of Islam is fair (دعل.(Islam obliges both equality and liberty to fair so that the freedom may not be increased that much that the equation is completely separated nor is equality so exaggerated that it eliminates freedom at all, that is why Islam has rejected the power that is center of wealth. Pakistan is basically an agricultural land. Agriculture is such a department with which entire economy, employment, social behavior, human behavior, all interact. The people here had a strong desire as India amended its constitution to abolish feudal and landlord system as the way of agricultural reforms. Similarly, in this country such a concrete solution should be taken which can lead the way to a welfare state. But in Qazliobash Waqf vs Chief Land Commissioner PLD 1990 SC 99 reversed the agricultural reforms. After that the debate started as to what is the status of Owing Jagir of the time? Can a landlord own these estates in a lawful manner? The second discussion of this question in this article is that does the landlord own the land in respects of shariah. From this discussion it was concluded that in the matter of land, the real property belongs to ALLAH. The Muslim state is custodian of the Bait ul Mal. The realization of the property of the landlord is that of executive monopoly. But after the liberation of state, that Shari status was abolished. Therefore, under the article 253 of constitution parliament can set the maximum number of properties for each type of property. So if the state thinks it is better than in order to avoid disputes, the 1977 Act should be amendment and same should be fixed and give to the farmer but the property right should 7 not be given away.Give land to the one who cultures it himself.If the land is given with ownership right how can the way of landlords be blocked? Even from our Shariah point of view no such aruguement would be taken from which it could be decided and from which its boundary can be fixed to the extent that the possession of all items permissible.To such an extent and more then that it illegitimate.Therefore the real riteful owner of land is farmer and may be given the land in form of fields according to the capacity.
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