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Title: Socio-Economic Status of Pakistan: Issues of Governance and Human Development under Internal Security Challenges (2001-2013)
Authors: Iqbal, Javed
Keywords: Social Sciences
Political Science
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: Behind the blaring headlines of socio-economic revival and political evolution in Pakistan there exist many social, political, security and developmental issues, there lies a silent crisis – the crises of governance, human development and socio-economic progress. The research focuses on the crises of governance and human development under internal security issues of Pakistan during 2001 to 2013. The governance has become a key issue over the preceding two decades and it is very important component for good economic growth and human development. The prevailing crises are not emergency ones that call for an immediate relief rather a pragmatic approach has always required to focus, analyse and resolve the catastrophe of governance and human development for meliorate socio-economic prominence of Pakistan. If economies want to increase the wellbeing of its people, countries have to improve their economic growth and upgrade human development index (HDI). Governance is a primary element for prosperous development in any country. It aims at providing effective guidance to strike the necessary macroeconomic and social policy balance to achieve sustainable development and development agenda for the state. Sustainable human development helps in engendering economic growth, disseminate its benefits justifiably and revitalizes an environment that empowers them rather than marginalizing them. State security is imperative but human development does not recline in the amassing of munitions or consolidating border defense solitary. The chief protagonist in the domestic security of Pakistan militant ethnic groups which are the major resurgence of violence in the state. However, besides domestic security, the real security lies in the provision of basic necessities of life as guaranteed by Constitution of the democratic state. There will be good governance and security to the people when they are provided with food, shelter, security, environment xvii protection, employment, rule of law and security of justice in the society, health and education security, removal of hunger and want. Besides limited capacity and meager sources, there is a need to establish an urgent, integrated, efficient and effective system to monitor the abuse of laws, social evils, scarceness and ineffective and inefficient utilization of already scarce resources in the country. With comprehensive internal security strategy, threats to domestic stability can be eliminated and sustainable peace, development and good governance can be assured.
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