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Title: Comparative Analysis Between Nigeria and Pakistan: Religious Extremism as Case Study
Authors: Asif, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
International Relations
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: From Africa to Asia, the word “religious extremism” has become the headline story in international politics because its’ wave has absolutely changed the dynamics of the international politics. As far as the sensitivity of this issue is concerned, it will not be exaggerated in saying that it has become a more widespread phenomenon. The various literature reviews have explored it but still it is considered a typical complicated phenomenon. It has multi-dimensional layers and its nature varies from one state to another state and from region to another region. In the development process of the human history, the human beings witnessed conflicts between ‘moderate’ and ‘extreme’ and between secular and religious forces. It is one historical dimension of this issue. In the modern world, the ideological, socio-political and economic aspects of the international politics have changed the pattern of international politics which played vital role to generate political extremism and religious extremism. It exposed another dimension of this issue. It has formal connection with the socio-political and economic deprivation of the human beings from individual level to state level and from state level to international level. The present research is also an effort to explore its multi-dimensional layers. First, it diagnosed the nature of religious extremism in Nigeria and Pakistan. Second, it exposed those factors which are responsible for generating religious extremism in Nigeria and Pakistan. Third, through a comparative analysis between Nigeria and Pakistan, it explored the ‘causes’ of the factors which dragged the both states towards religious extremism. The present research is based on qualitative methodology and case study analysis, which is specifically used to explore the complexed issues like religious extremism. The present research has limitations and delimitations. Key Words: Moderate, Extreme, Secular, Religious, International Politics, Communism, Islam, Political Islam, Governance, Nigeria, Pakistan, Religious Extremism
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