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Title: Existence of Limit Cycles for Piecewise Smooth Differential Systems Depending on Parameters
Authors: Ahmad, Adeel
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Government College University, Lahore.
Abstract: The present paper is devoted to existence of limit cycles of planar piecewise-linear (PWL) systems with two zones separated by a straight line and singularity of type “focus-focus” and “focus-center”. Our investigation is a supplement to the classi fication of Freire et al. concerning the existence and number of the limit cycles depending on certain parameters. To prove existence of a stable limit cycle in the case “focus-center” we use a pure geometric approach. In the case “focus-focus” we prove existence of a special configuration of five parameters leading to existence of a unique stable limit cycle, whose period can be found by solving a transcendent equation. An estimate of this period is obtained. Moreover, we apply this theory on a two-dimensional system describing the qualitative behavior of a two-dimensional excitable membrane model.
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