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Title: Evaluating Strategies for Developing Generic Competence of Undergraduate Students: The Case of Universities in Lahore
Authors: Aslam, Muhammad
Keywords: Language and Literature
English Linguistics
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Abstract: Generic competence is vital for success in disciplinary studies at undergraduate level. While a lot of research has been conducted on academic genres in Pakistan and elsewhere, it remains less explored whether English is taught following a pedagogy based on genre studies for developing generic competence. With an exclusive focus on compulsory English taught at the undergraduate level in Pakistani universities, the purpose of this study was to address this question. The answer to this question was significant to unravel the problem of poor academic communication skills of the Pakistani undergraduates. For a sound theoretical stance on this problem, insights were taken from Halliday’s (1978) theory of genre and Vygotsky’s (1978) theory of socially mediated learning. The Sydney School pedagogy modelled on these theories was employed as a frame of reference for evaluation of the teaching strategies used in BS compulsory English classes. This appraisal was made by comparing the participants’ perceptions with the classroom praxis. The participants were selected from the disciplines of English, Economics, Education, Mass communication, and Sociology from two public and two private general universities in Lahore. Perceptions based data was collected from 55 teachers and 1000 undergraduate students. Praxis based data was collected from eight classes from the sampled disciplines. Convergent mixed methods design was applied to collect both types of data through questionnaires and semi structured observations conducted in two phases. Quantitative data was analyzed by statistical analysis and qualitative observation notes were summarized and interpreted in line with the predefined categories. The triangulated results indicated a partial convergence in the praxis and perceptions of the purposes, strategies, and learning resources for teaching BS compulsory English. The class observations brought to surface some unpredicted but related issues which included the use of bilingual guides/keys as course books, Grammar Translation style of teaching English Literature, compulsory English as a redundant course, and teachers of English with irrelevant qualification. The study has significant implications for generic competence of multilinguals, discourse communities in the globalized Higher Education, Pakistani English for Academic Purposes, and applications of corpora and online resources. The study recommends university based professional development, Pak-TESOL for professional networking, competency based English courses, teaching of English Literature as a cross-disciplinary subject, adoption of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), availability of genre based authentic materials, and social-interactionist language teaching.
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