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dc.contributor.authorSALEEM, MUHAMMAD-
dc.description.abstractIDENTIFICATION AND PRIORITIZATION OF COMPETENCIES POSSESSED BY FRUIT GARDEN OWNERS IN DISTRICT FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN Muhammad Saleem University of Agriculture Faisalabad february 2010 Major supervisor Dr. Tanvir Ali The purpose of this study was to identify and prioritize the competencies possessed by fruit garden owners in district Faisalabad, Pakistan. The target population consisted of all the (1993) Fruit Growing farmers of district Faisalabad. A stratified random sample of three hundred and seventeen fruit growing farmers was selected. The data were collected through personal interviews on a research instrument having five sections. A five point response likert scale was used to assess the levels of competencies possessed by fruit growers. The finding indicated that awareness regarding the sources of information of the respondents perceive that they possess various categories from very high ( =3.43) level regarding frequency of availability and high ( =3.57) level of correctness regarding university of Agriculture Faisalabad as a source of information but this source was available only to 4.4 percent of the respondents. The field Assistant were available to 87.00 percent of the respondents with low availability level ( =2.58) and low ( =2.13) level of correctness of information. While telephone had low ( = 1.37) level of availability and very low ( = 0.94) level of correctness was used by the respondents as a source of information.. Majority of the respondent (97.00) percent reported the major problem of proper training regarding fruit growing practices were not available to them with medium ( = 2.40) level of severity. The findings of the study indicated that fruit growers had possessed from low level to an average level of competence in most of the competencies, whereas all of the competencies were perceived as highly important for fruit production, protection and marketing. Themango growers had low ( = 2.7, 2.48, 2.5 and 2.13) level of knowledge, skill, attitude and adoption concerning mango growing practices, citrus growers had ( = 2.7, 2.49, 2.52 and 2.2) level, guava growers had low ( =2.72, 2.46, 2.59 and 2.15) level and date growers had low to medium ( = 2.78, 2.46, 2.63 and 2.24) level of knowledge, skill, attitude and adoption concerning fruit growing practices such as preparation of field, system layout for transplanting of nursery plants in the field up to harvesting and marketing of fruits. The fruit growers had low to medium level of knowledge, skill, attitude and adoption regarding fruit growing practices which indicate a need to train farmers regarding these practices. A greater (29.97, 26.49 and 17.35 percent) of the respondents reported that months of January, February and September are the appropriate time and majority (50.78 and37.22 percent) of the respondents reported that one week to two week time duration for the conduction of training courses and majority (54.89) percent) of the respondents reported that University of Agriculture Faisalabad is the ideal place for the training of fruit growers in the identified technical competencies. The Chi- square values for association between age groups, education level, tenancy status, size of land holding and knowledge level, skill, attitude, adoption level was highly significant which showed highly significant positive relationship between the age group, education level, tenancy status, size of land holding of respondents and knowledge, skill, attitude and adoption level of recommended practices concerning mango citrus, guava and date production, protection and marketing.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commission, Pakistanen_US
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dc.subjectAgriculture & related technologiesen_US
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dc.subjectGarden crops(Horticulture)en_US
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