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Title: Determination of agro-management practices for enhancing seed yield and quality in Peas (Pisum sativum L.)
Keywords: Applied Sciences
Agriculture & related technologies
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Studies were conducted to evaluate the impact of agro-management practices on two Peas cultivars named Climax and Meteor during the year 2005-09. The study was executed to find out best management practices, packing material and storage environment for better yield and quality seed production of Peas. There were six trials for determining irrigation, nutrition, seed maturity, seed storage and packing material for the Peas crop. Agro-management practices had significant effect on plant growth and yield attributes. These practices included, good seed bed preparation, proper seeding methods, proper irrigation, effective plant nutrition, timely harvest, proper storage conditions and accurate packing material. Peas are a good source of vegetable protein which is highly digestible. Although its nutritional aspects have been proved yet the factors which contribute towards seed yield and quality require a series of research projects for their detailed study. Seed is a basic unit in crop production as it influences the yield directly and indirectly by impacting the contribution of other inputs. Different irrigation frequencies like, I 0 ( Irrigation as needed by the crop; 13 irrigations applied), I 1 (Irrigation up to flowering; 8 irrigations applied), I 2 (Irrigation up to pod filling; 10 irrigations applied) and I 3 (Irrigation up to seed filling; 12 irrigations applied) were investigated. Each irrigation of (7.5 cm) was applied with 10 days intervals. Their impacts on growth, Yield and quality attributes were studied. Seed vigour tests were also performed. Irrigation frequency up to seed filling stage was observed to be better for yield and quality of Peas seeds as compared to other irrigation frequencies. Nutrition to the seed crop improved seed yield and quality. Seed yield and quality of seed Peas crop was also influenced by varying plant nutrition requirements during its growth period. Out of various phosphorus and potash levels studied, phosphorus @ 120 kg ha -1 and potash @ 100 Kg ha -1 gave better results for Climax as compared to other levels of phosphorus and potash. Different best results combinations of the above experiments are made to observe their performance and the best one are selected for Peas crop. Thecombinations of T 0 (Irrigation up to seed filling) T 1 (Irrigation up to seed filling + P120 kg ha -1 ) T 2 (Irrigation up to seed filling + K100 kg ha -1 ) T 3 (Irrigation up to seed filling + P120 kg ha -1 + K100 kg ha -1 ) were studied. T 3 (Irrigation up to seed filling + P120 kg ha -1 + K100 kg ha -1 ) gave high seed yield in Peas as compared to other combinations. Peas seed crop was harvested at proper maturity stage. Maximum seed viability and seed vigour was achieved if harvested at correct stage of maturity. Peas seed harvested at different moisture % levels like, M 1 , (45%), M 2 (40%) M 3 (35%) M 4 (30%) M 5 (25%) M 6 (20%) and M 7 (15%) respectively. Determination of optimum seed harvest time by seed moisture content is used as a general recommendation for farmers as a clue to determine the optimum time of harvest to maximize seed yield and quality. Peas crop harvested at 25% moisture contents, gave better results as compared to other levels of moisture percentage. Seed storage is a basic requirement for Peas seed crop. In Pakistan particularly the seed of legume crops like Peas suffer from storage problem. Three packing material, gunny bags, plastic bags, paper bags and various temperatures, 0°C, 15°C, 20°C, and 25 °C were studied. 50% humidity was kept constant in storage. Best material and temperature are pertained for storage. Seeds were stored for six months. Seeds stored at 5°C in gunny bags gave better performance with respect to seed quality and vigour.
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