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Title: The Rights and Obligations of Non-Muslim Citizens with Respect to the Constitution of Pakistan (In the Light of the Contracts of Prophet Muhammad SAW)
Authors: Ahmad, Imtiaz
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: » íÇ ÞmßíàÄ Åáâ ãäåmßÅàmãáÄ ãæ áãáémçÄåmÆ èmàméÇáÄ êmàí ÞÇÄëÇèà àã àíÇ ãáÄàmàçàmãá ãæ ìÅìmÄàÅá» iá àíÇ åmßíà ãæ àíÇ èãáàÞÅèàÄ ãæ ìÞãëíÇà mçíÅÆÆÅâ }í) Islam is the intimate religion which provides complete and preeminent code of life for humanity. Islam undoubtedly determines the rules, procedures and limitations for the state, of which a man is the citizen, and its co-editorial system (legislation, judiciary, administration). Allah has bestowed The Holy Prophet with the crown of Mercy for whole world. The Holy Prophet not only considered the rights of every person living in the state of Islam, but also committed some contracts with non-Muslims to ensure their rights and obligations. Since the state of Pakistan came into existence in the name of Islam, it is important that the rights and duties of every citizen in general and non Muslims in specific who live in the state should also be clarified in accordance with Islamic teachings in the light of contracts of The Holy Prophet in order to promote the religious harmony. Although the rights of non-Muslim community in the constitution of Pakistan have been stated very clearly, however, sometimes they are confronted with grave problems in Pakistani society. The rights which are permitted to Muslims to establish their mosques and institutions in Europe and America are also permitted to non-Muslims in the constitution and legislation of Pakistan. However, due to its distinctive difference in the practical situation, their rights and obligations in the light of the contracts of The Holy Prophet have been described with a detailed analysis in this narrative. In this research, "The rights and obligations of non-Muslim citizens with respect to the Constitution of Pakistan" (In the light of the contracts of Prophet Muhammad SAW) rights of non-Muslims in a modern Islamic society of Pakistan with respect to the contracts of Muhammadan Era as an everlasting source as a major necessity of the national situation have been highlighted. Because of ignorance/lack of knowledge about the contracts, heart reckoning incidents are taking place in our society, which have raised numerous questions regarding the Islamic teachings. These contemporary issues have been discussed as the major themes within this article.
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