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Title: A Study of Government Primary Schools Characteristics and Students Achievement in a Selected District of Sindh
Authors: Mughal, Shahid Hussain
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Iqra University Karachi, Karachi.
Abstract: The present study has attempted to find out the characteristics of government primary schools and to gauge class IV students’ performance in Mathematics and Science standardized achievement tests. The study also attempted to identify factors inhibiting students’ achievement in primary schools. In order to pursue the objectives of the study, the data was collected from fifty government primary schools of district Sukkur. For this purpose two talukas (strata) one urban (Sukkur City) and one rural (Pano Aqil) were selected. The instruments used to collect data were: A Check List (to collect School Profile), Schedule for Head Teachers’ Informal Interviews, Teachers’ Questionnaire, Classroom Observation Protocol and Standardized Achievement Tests in the subject of Science and Mathematics. These tests were designed and standardized by Provincial Education Assessment Centre (PEACE) Sindh. Data were analyzed in frequencies, percentages, tables, graphs, and mean score and standard deviation was calculated for students’ test scores. Informal Interviews for head teachers were analyzed by using thematic analysis approach. Major findings with regard to school characteristics suggested that the level of physical facilities in primary schools has improved to some extent in recent years but in some schools basic amenities (such as fresh dirking water, boundary wall, and separate toilets for girls) still remain missing. The schools situated in urban areas were overstaffed with teachers while there was shortage of teachers in rural schools. Based on the percentage mean score in Science and Mathematics, schools were categorized accordingly. Schools where students’ performance was satisfactory in tests were found better in terms of availability of physical facilities, teaching resources, level of professional support, teachers’ and head teachers’ own professional commitment towards teaching-learning improvement. For those schools where students’ performance was not satisfactory, different inhibiting factors were evidenced. These included low level of community participation, inactive School Management Committees and low level of professional support available for teaching-learning improvement. In these schools, teachers’ unions were seen dominant in running school affairs. Majority of teachers rely only on prescribed textbooks. Use of other teaching resources and material was hardly observed during lesson observation. The overall findings of the study suggested that there was shortage of funds in primary schools to arrange teaching material. Head teachers’ and supervisor primary education (SPEs) level of professional support was not at a desirable level to help teachers in performing academic tasks. Due to shortage of funds and lack of ownership, school management committees (SMCs) were not very much active and functional. The delivery of free textbooks helped in increasing enrolment and retention of students. The standardized tests were administered to 1073 students. The overall students mean score was 31.68 and standard deviation was 10.32. The mean score in Science was 32.55% and in Mathematics was 31.46 %. Girls mean score was 33.40% while boys were 31.61%. The urban schools mean score was calculated 30.75% while rural schools mean score was calculated 32.57% in District Sukkur. In the light of the findings, the study has made several recommendations for the improvement of quality of education in primary schools.
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