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Title: SWOT Analysis of Trends of Educational Research In Pakistan
Authors: Asdaque, Muhammad Musaud
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Abstract: The research in education field has gone through massive transformations due to innovative methodological approaches and inclusion of new subject areas. The SWOT analysis of research trends is important for improving research activities. This study aimed to conduct the SWOT analysis of trends of Educational research in Pakistan. The objectives of the study were as (1) to classify the research works conducted in the field of education at doctoral level in terms of themes and research methods; (2) to find out the existing research trends in educational research areas at doctoral level research in Pakistan; (3) to identify the priority areas in the education field for planning the future research activities in the education field; (4) to conduct the SWOT analysis of trends in educational research in Pakistan. The doctoral theses submitted at the departments of Education at Pakistani universities during 2000-2012 constituted the population of this study, and 247 doctoral research theses accessible at the higher education commission (HEC) website were selected as sample for this study. The education dissertation research form (EDRF) was utilized to quantitative data from 247 doctoral theses, while the interviews were used to collect qualitative data from 16 research experts working at the Education departments. For quantitative phase universal sampling technique was used and for qualitative phase purposive sampling technique was used. Quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed using descriptive statistics involving frequencies/percentages/rank order and thematic analysis, respectively. The semi structured interview questionnaire was used in qualitative data collection. The findings of the study revealed that the research trends showed the predominant use towards using the quantitative research methods and use of descriptive statistics for data analysis. It was also found that public sector performed better than private sector universities in terms of research productivity. The overall trend of research showed improvement during 2008- 2012. It was also shown that the areas of the research were ignored including the educational psychology, early childhood education and elementary education, curriculum development, sports education, crime education, moral and Islamic education. The interview and EDRF data supported each other showing the research gaps in these areas. SWOT analysis of trends of Educational Research in universities of Pakistan indicated strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the educational research trends. The main strengths of the educational research included high experience faculty, originality, quantitative research, research for all, active supervision, promoting critical thinking, innovative teaching methods and talented researchers. The major weaknesses in the educational research found by this study included the availability of less research grants, delays in graduation, the lack of innovative and practical research, the lack of research activities in leadership/policy making and partnerships. The opportunities reported by this study to increase the educational trends/activities in the areas of leadership and policy making, provision of research grants, development of instructional technologies, building partnerships and focus on the innovative and practical research. The main threats to the educational research found by this study were the withdrawal of research funding, lack of interest in research and non-conducive environment and the lack of research aptitude. Based on the findings, this study suggests that the research trends in educational field can be strengthened by exploiting opportunities and minimizing the impact of threats, educational research at doctoral level.
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