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dc.description.abstractGhunyatul Qari by Maulana Muhammad Abdul Khaliq Albajauri: Study and Research (From the book of Menstrual Periods to the end of the book of Adhan) Sahihul Bukhari is ranked as the most authentic book after the Noble Qur’an. The book has been elucidated and interpreted by a number of scholars and interpreters. It’s most prominent interpretations are Fathul Bari by Hafiz ibne Hajar, Umdatul Qari by Badr ud Din Ainee and Al Kawakibud Darari by Karmani etc. The scholars and interpreters of the Sub-Continent have also served the Ahadith from various aspects. Ghunyatul Qari; the interpretation of Sahih ul Bukhari by Sheikh Abdul Khaliq Bajawri is one of them. One of the key features of this interpretation is the linguistic aspects of the text of Ahadith. The Author has exposed the mysteries of linguistic aspects of Ahadith in this interpretation. Sometimes he forms a phrase and explains it with synonyms while at others, he forms different phrases and quotes various sayings by the word “qeela”. Sometimes he mentions different linguistic aspects in one word and defines different meanings and then illustrates the famous, fluent and most correct meaning by superlative adjective. The author also shows the origins of the words and the reasons of determining names, defines the pronouns, takes care of morphological and grammatical investigations and cites Arabic dictionaries. The author translates difficult words to other languages like Pashto, Persian or Urdu in order to facilitate the readers. He also cites Arabic poetry for the illustration of the meaning. Key words: Ghunyatul Qari, Sahih ul Bukhari, the book of Menstrual Periods, the book of Adhan, Abdul Khaliq Bajawrien_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commission Pakistanen_US
dc.publisherAbdul Wali Khan University, Mardanen_US
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dc.subjectIslamic Studiesen_US
dc.titleغنیۃ القاري لمولانا محمد عبدالخالق الباجوري: دراسۃ و تحقیقا (من کتاب الحیض الی آخر کتاب الأذان)en_US
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