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Title: A Narrative Study of the Impact of Teacher's Social Capital on Their Professional Performance
Authors: Rafiq, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of teachers’ social capital on their professional performance. Furthermore, four related research questions; how does social capital impact teachers’ professional performance, how does teachers’ social capital impact school culture, how is students’ educational aspiration affected by teachers’ social capital, and how teachers' identity construction is revealed, through their narratives, by the social capital were also addressed. A narrative design was adopted for this research study. The participants were all teachers, who were willing to share their lived experiences in the field of teaching. Ten male subject specialists from government higher secondary schools of District Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, and the method of data collection used one-on-one in person in-depth interview with the participants. It was revealed from teachers’ narratives that teachers who have stronger social capital perform better than others. Schools are more than learning factories where inputs are used to generate outputs; they are fundamentally social environments. Teachers possessing high social capital are more willing to initiate and participate in curricular and co-curricular activities leading to enhanced performance. All the participants seek collegial opportunities inside and outside of their school building through their social capital. There is a strong bond of good relationship between teachers and students an efficient solution to meeting the different needs of a classroom collectively as well as individual students which impacts on students’ learning and teachers’ performance. Parents or guardians support in contributing the success of their students is negligible. Teachers play their role in the educational aspirations of their children but family support is negligible which is very important. Their parents expected them to occupy employment, a job, and part time job to contribute them in financial matters. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, authorities and principal of the school may pay attention to the factors that create the conditions by which teacher social capital may flourish. It was recommended that teacher may be encouraged to build their social capital within and out of schools’ environment that improve their professionalism.
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