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Title: Effect of workplace diversity on employees' performance in Allama Iqbal Open University
Authors: Ahmad, Shakeel
Keywords: Education
Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
Abstract: Title Effect of workplace diversity on Employees performance in Allama Iqbal Open University Number of pages Researcher Shakeel Ahmad Supervisor Dr. Fazal ur Rehman University Allama Iqbal Open University Year 2021 Subject Educational Planning and Management (EPM) Degree PhD The purpose of the study was to explore the possible effect of workplace diversity on employees’ performance. The workplace diversity embraced two aspects social diversity and functional diversity. The social diversity comprised of age, gender, ethnic, geographical location and functional diversity consisted of experience, educational, job status and income level. The objective of this mixed method sequential explanatory study were (1) to examine the level of social and functional diversity, (2) to evaluate the effects of social diversity on the performance of employees, (3) to study the effects of functional diversity on employees’ performance (4) to explore the relative contribution of diversity factors on the performance of employees. The rationale for employing mixed method was to fully understand the facts and complications of the conditions being studied. The population of the study comprised of two parts: part 1 consisted of 105 head of departments including regional campuses all over the country. Part 2 comprised of 2177 employees including regular (BPS-2 to15), contractual, daily wagers and laborers employees working in AIOU main campus as well as regional campuses. Random sampling technique was used to choose the participants in first phase. Qualitative phase participants were selected purposely. A close-ended questionnaire was adopted in the study to seek respondents’ opinions about the social and functional diversity (independent variable) based on earlier research studies. The instrument was composed of 39 items which was measured through five-point Likert scale. Moreover, the Individual Work Performance Questionnaire (IWPQ) developed by Linda Koopmans (2014) was also adopted in the study and measured through a five-point Likert Scale. The aspect of functional diversity like experience and job status diversity have positive effect on the employees’ performance. Experience diversity enhances the proficiencies and competencies and shows loyalty and ownership to the job. Similarly, job status diversity improved perform because survival of different job status in the organization depends upon performance. While education and income diversity has found adverse effect on the performance. The dimension of social diversity age diversity, ethnicity diversity negatively effect the performance while gender and geographical diversity negligible negative effect on performance of employees. Mid-level management and top level executives perception provided inside information about the effect of diversity of performance. These views and experiences provided an opportunity to the policy makers human resource practitioners’ managers, administrators, university authority and funded agencies to operate from an informed position as workplace diversity has a close relationship with employees’ performance. The study was also helpful to devise policies to curtail various types of discrimination like gender discrimination, job status discrimination, income level discrimination. The findings of the study may be a good source of fixing benchmark on certain attributes like age, proportionate of gender, relevant qualification to screen out the most appropriate candidates for the organizations. The study was used as good supporting source to achieve core objectives of recruitment i.e. right man for the right job.
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