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Title: Staff Appraisal System and Performance of Public Higher Secondary School Teachers in Punjab
Authors: Nadeem, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Management & Technology, Lahore
Abstract: The Appraisal system has been given much importance for the improvement of twenty-first-century teachers. The Punjab Education Department assumes that the performance appraisal system currently used for higher secondary school teachers measures teachers‘ efficiency. It also allows them to reflect on their performance and revise their attitude and behaviors to achieve the goal. The present research is conducted to examine the effectiveness of the existing staff appraisal system by applying Decenzo and Robbins model. ―Staff Appraisal System and Teachers‘ performance‖ of higher secondary schools. The study at hand was undertaken by using a sequential explanatory mixed methods design. The researcher used a multi stage random sampling technique to access the target population from 9 districts of Punjab. After piloting and taking proper measures for reliability and validity, the final self-constructed questionnaire was distributed among school teachers and principals in the selected districts to reach the target sample. A self-constructed questionnaire and interview protocols were used to collect data. Firstly, survey data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Quantitative results were then validated against qualitative data. After an in-depth analysis of the data gathered by focus group discussions and interviews, the researcher prepared guidelines/ framework for effective implementation of PAS. The study concluded that teachers were well aware of the PAS process, but they need the training to make the process more effective. Teaching quality did not turn to be a predictor of satisfaction. Therefore, it is concluded that PAS has not been able to make a desirable effect on the quality of teaching. Management support play mediating role in between the relationship of awareness about PAS among teachers and their satisfaction with PAS. This study which helped the Punjab Education Department, might be adoptable for the staff vii appraisal model for other schools and school systems. It is suggested that the teachers should provide feedback for their further professional development. Keywords: Performance Appraisal System, Effectiveness, Public Schools, Higher Secondary School Teachers, and Principals.
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