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Title: The Kargil War and its aftermaths for Pakistan
Authors: Akhtar, Muhammad Shakeel
Keywords: Social Sciences
Pakistan Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur
Abstract: The land of sub-continent faced disputes right from the independence. These disputes have a deep effect on geo politics of this area, one of the most important among them is Kashmir. The incident of Kargil reflected the sensitivity of Kashmir and its strategic significance. In May, 1998, India tested its nuclear weapon at Pokran. In response, Pakistan despite half-hearted attempts of America and international community to prevent soon follow suit. International community viewed this development as danger for the region of South Asia. The atmosphere of region totally changed, presence of nuclear deterrent raised the serious threat for both the county. In February, 1999 AtalBihari Vajpayee visited Pakistan as a part of much touted ―Bus Diplomacy‖ with great pump and show, on the invitation of his counterpart. Through Lahore Declaration the two countries, declared to resolve the continuity decades long disputes between the two nations. Unfortunately, Lahore Declaration was throwing out, when after few months of the Declaration, both the countries were involved into a horrible episode of first clash between two newly emerged nuclear states. Getting to control of a main route of supply to Siachin, both the countries came on a flash point of nuclear war. Both countries are the emerged member of nuclear club, just one year ago. Kargil episode brought the two armed forces in front of each other, which prove to be the first confrontation between two atomic forces. How the external political factor played a vital role unfolding of the Kargil episode. Conflict can be measured not only on the military parameter, but it also cover political and social sphere, in contrast with the battle fields. Some countries may opt to arisen, such limited clashes in order to invite the attention of international community. In Kargil episode Kashmiri ―militants plus‖ army tires to highlighted brooder issue of Kashmir. The conflict of Kargil evokes contradictory, images and responses among the Pakistani elite and the public. A very few people know what activities happened on the fridge heights of Kargil, profoundly affected politics and civil military relation in Pakistan. The plan of General Musharraf, measures of execution, the blame of putting in darkness, the political consequences, motives of diplomacy, calculus of international response, the scale of Indian resistance, the role of media and contradiction of civil military xi relations are the contradictory question belonged to Kargil are yet unfolded. Musharraf as a commander did his strategic and tactical attempt but miscalculated. The aftermath of his adventure, Mujahedeen cover story, weak political leadership, supremacy of military in decision making; diplomatic failure made the Kargil a serious disaster for the people of Pakistan. Who is responsible for that, sluggish Nawaz Sharif or Musharraf? The extent of responsibility can be defined ever. The impact of Kargil on political system, politics and diplomacy should seriously be examined. What the lessons learn? Would it be more Kargil in future, attempt to get Kargil at the rate of Kashmir? These are the questions which demanded serious attention, required some specific decision and policy making parameters. The Kargil had some precious consequences related the battlefield and warfare, while political Kargil shows some unique perceptions, regarding the destruction of political sunario. The concept of supremacy should be redefined, reassess and more particles. These are the million dollar questions which has been arosed after the Kargil war and political Kargil.
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