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Title: A Study of Awareness, Attitude and Practices of Students and Teachers About Road Safety Education(RSE) in Pakistan
Authors: Ahmad, Muhammad Farooq
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur
Abstract: Keeping in view the increasing ratio of road accidents and their adverse effects on human life. The current study was formulated to assess the awareness, attitude and practices of students and teachers about road safety education (RSE) in Pakistan. Main objectives of the study includes: to explore the awareness of students and teachers about road safety rules, assess the attitude of Students and teachers towards road safety, examine the practices of students and teachers towards road safety rules, identify the causes of road accident in Pakistan. To attain the objectives the descriptive design of the study was adopted. The responses of the participants of the study were collected through a questionnaire filled by the respondents online due to pandemic COVID-19 condition in the country. The multistage random sampling technique was used to draw sample from the population as N=79224 teachers and N=2642189. The sample size of the study comprised of n=400 teachers and n=400 students from nine divisions of the Punjab. The data was tabulated and analysis by SPSS-20. The results indicates a level of awareness about road safety rules of students very low as compared to teachers in Punjab but their practices are not at standard. There were students and teachers who showed more risky attitude towards road safety rules. The researcher illuminated the practices of teachers on road safety rules. It was found that most of the teachers walk on a footpath, check the working condition of the vehicle before use it, use a mobile phone while driving. Drive a car with high speed, overtaking from the right side and use indicator while overtaking, go slowly in foggy weather, drive according to red and green signals, taking U-turn with high speed, parking the vehicle on the footpath, reducing the speed of the vehicle according to reducing signboard and also pay fines due to drive without safety helmet and driving without a license. Moreover teachers practices less as a pedestrian to use Zebra crossing and pedestrian bridge for crossing xxiii the road, the teacher didn‘t wear a safety helmet while riding a motorcycle, didn‘t fasten seat belt and overtaking vehicle from right side, didn‘t use indicator for changing lane and also wrong overtaking and driving on the wrong side. It is also found in this study the impact of awareness on practices that the awareness of road rules significantly effect on practices of teachers while driving. It is recommended to create awareness among public generally and especially needed to educate teachers and students about road safety
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