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Title: Analysis of Fluid Motion Due to Curved Oscillatory Geometries
Authors: Imran, Muhammad
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur
Abstract: The prime objective of the present thesis is to develop mathematical models to discuss the boundary layer flows across curved oscillatory geometries which include curved oscillatory stretchable surface and oscillatory curved channel. Different mathematical models for viscous and non-Newtonian fluids with heat and mass transfer characteristics are formulated in curvilinear coordinates system. Additional features like influence of magnetic field, thermal radiation impacts, heat generation, melting heat, entropy generation, chemical reaction and nanofluids are also studied. An efficient analytical technique namely Homotopy analysis method is utilized to attain the analytical solution of the governing highly nonlinear partial differential equations. The quantities of interest like amplitude of fluid velocity, temperature, pressure, concentration, skin friction, heat and mass transfer rate at the oscillatory stretchable curved wall are analyzed for various concerned parameters. It is found that by increasing the values of dimensionless radius of curvature the amplitude of fluid velocity is decreased. Whereas, the amplitude of fluid velocity shows increasing behavior with growing values of proportion of oscillating frequency of the surface to its stretching rate parameter. Finally, a comparison of the present results with the existing results in the case of a flat oscillatory stretching sheet is also presented.
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