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Title: Jadeed Bankari nizam ne sarmayakari ka tehqiqi jaiza
Authors: Sohail, Muhammad
Keywords: Religious Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Karachi, Karachi.
Abstract: The thesis has been written to understand current issues of sukook in the light of primary Islamic resources.The objective is to present the Islamic investment sukook with new era terminologies in comprehensive way, so as to provide research assistance to mold modern economic and finance in Islamic structure,because In recent banking system, different financial investment products have been launched. The word financial investment has widespread meaning that’s why it is contemporary and debatable topic. In this thesis an elaborated research has been done. Financial certificates are advanced process in new banking system and it is according to human basic need such as interest based banking system are trying to suppress non-interest based banking system. In the same way insurance and other financial organizations are doing the same, likewise bonds. According to its basic object it is not a countering Islamic rule which is based upon real Islamic rules. Islamic bonds are called certificate of Islamia too. Interest and gambling are not allowed in Islamic Law. Alternatively, financial documents have introduced on the name of Sakook. However, bonds and certificates were used, on the base of interest, that’s why in order to get rid of interest based system, they are fee from interest. In this thesis it has been tired. On the base of Sakook research and literary stuffed will be provided so this thesis is consist of 8 chapters. Chapter 1: in this chapter, introduction of Sakook, types of Sakook, benefits of Sakook and its usage are discussed. Moreover, in what way they are alike or different from each other and its basic need plus suggestion of bonds are being legal, are discussed. Chapter 2: In this chapter types of Sakook are discussed in detail and its formation and development are mentioned. Chapter 3: In this chapter, conditions of issuance of Sakook are discussed in detail. Moreover, trading of Sakook including sale and purchase, are mentioned accordingly. viii Chapter 4: in this chapter, issuance and types of Ijrah related to selling and purchasing are discussed in detail. Chapter 5: in this chapter, “Sakook milkiyah al aayaan almosufa fiz zimmah” and selling and purchasing regulation are mentioned in detail. Chapter 6: in this chapter, threat its types and precautions are discussed in detail. Chapter 7: in this chapter, alternative of bonds in practical conditions are discussed. Moreover, why Tureeq process is done. Benefits, conditions and threats and alternative ways are discussed. Chapter 8: In this chapter,Shariah scholar’s opinions about sukook and its conservation and ambiguity are discussed in detail.
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